A Nice collection of principles, values, and thoughts

‘Scent of Happiness’ is a collection of 100 principles, values, and thoughts that act as pillars in our lives. From a reader’s perspective, along with the enlightenment that comes with the book, there is also a sense of sudden realization of the fact that how certain fundamentals are overlooked by us in our quest to lead a successful life. For anyone out there in this chaotic world, who feels lost, this book will be a great companion.

Book: Scent of Happiness

It is important to point out a few thought-provoking bits and pieces from the book.

  • Page 62, Day 58

“Purchase a packet of success by paying a sum of hard work and get smiles free! Free! Free!”

This is a very common word of advice that has been passed onto us from the minute we are born. Yet, it is the one that is forgotten quite often. In order to be successful, we often lose track of the single most important virtue- hard work. We resort to many shortcuts, end-up nowhere and in the process, forget how to be happy. Even though the message is quite simple, it can’t be emphasized enough.

Reviewer: Pritish Mitra
  • Page 82, Day 78

“Happiness is the currency of life.”

Everything we do in life, our education, job, fights, etc, has a purpose. And the purpose is being happy. If we really think about it, even the stuff we buy or sell, we meet someone or cut off someone, the reason we do everything is that we think that it’ll make us happy. Even the mistakes we make, are nothing but us losing happiness in the future. Thus as pointed out before, happiness is well and truly the currency of life.

  • Page 63, Day 59

“Don’t jump into love, fall in love.”

This thought holds true not just for love but also for any commitments that we have in life. One must not commit to anything without giving proper thought to it. A commitment lasts only if the parties involved know the ins and outs of each other.

  • Page 93, Day 89

“Bring it to your tongue because when feelings dry it creates a desert inside you.”

Often our inhibitions do not allow us to speak what we feel and later we end up regretting our decision. It is important to know that making our feelings clear not only makes us feel better, it also gives everyone involved a clear picture of the situation at hand. Even though overcoming our inhibitions might seem hard at times, all it takes is a little bit of effort, and we end up in a better place.

  • Page 55, Day 51

“You don’t always need the ‘many’ to satisfy the ‘much’.”

Another important principle that is often forgotten. When it comes to fulfilling our most important requirements, we often choose ‘quantity over quality’. We must not forget that it is the ‘quality’ that matters and often the ‘quantity’ is insignificant. We fail to realize that even the smallest things can bring a great amount of happiness to our lives. Thus it is important to always take note of these ‘small things’.

I would like to congratulate the author for creating this collection of valuable life principles. As mentioned before, the book will prove to be a great companion for its readers. I also wish the author all the best in future endeavors.



Pritish Mitra

B.Sc. 2ndyear


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